A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Columns Clone is was a clone of the classic Genesis/Mega Drive game Columns, written in LÖVE. It isn't finished, but the basics of a game are still there.

There are three difficulty options, ranging from Easy (4 colors) to Hard (6 colors). It can get pretty challenging, but the interesting scoring system provides a lot of opportunities for big points.

The source is available in the Columns Clone GitHub repository.

Published Feb 09, 2014
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withLÖVE
Tagsblocks, LÖVE

Install instructions


  • Extract the archive to a folder of your choice and run Columns Clone.exe

Mac & Linux

  • Download and install LÖVE
  • Double-click the columns-clone.love file or run 'love columns-clone.love' in a terminal.
This game requires an older version of LOVE2D, but I don't remember which one any more... it will probably tell you what it is.


Columns Clone (.love) 125 kB
Columns Clone (Windows) 2 MB


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Nice game, i really liked it, but can you update it to have full screen? Thank you

This game is really old and I'm surprised it's still working. I'll see if I can update it soon, but the framework is out of date so it might take a while